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Welcome to our donation page where you can find the relevant information about what your contribution means!

Thank You: To those who have and continued to donate to our charity; your support does not go unnoticed!

Pay via PayPal

If you are considering to donate to the charity, we want to be the first to say "Thank you!". The donations that are sent to us no matter how big or small makes a difference in your association and keeps these magnificent aircrafts airworthy.

If you prefer not to donate via PayPal, you can still click the button and pay via Debit Card.


If you still prefer to choose Cheque or Cash then you can send it to our address:

Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association

Unit 4, Wavell Drive, LINCOLN, LN3 4PL.

Your Contribution


Goes towards the maintenance for the Battle of Britian Memorial Flight aircraft.


Goes towards projects such as creating aircrew rememberance sites or restorations.


Goes towards the members interests which they believe supports the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

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