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Connor is the Membership Officer for the Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association his secondary role is the IT Officer covering and protecting the LLAs data and security from criminal behaviour and keeping memberships safe, secure and correct. 

Connor has worked for companies in advising for IT security and governance for data and account safety. He started off as a police cadet in South Yorkshire Police and volunteered for 5 years which included providing training to elderly members of the public of using technology and how to stay safe with criminal acts or malicious intent.

Association Line


Membership Officer

Connor joined the association in Early 2022, he was initially voted on to take on the role of Membership Officer and implement a new process of processing memberships.

Connor was seen as an ambitious and very tech-savy in his work, he took an additional role as the IT Officer for the LLA and started creating the website as well as redevelopment of other IT infrastructure assets.


Committee Member

The committee decided to vote Connor on as a Committee Member with his passion to supporting the LLA.


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