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​The voluntary team


Detailed below are the various members who generously give their time voluntarily to Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association in order to make the charity successful.

We welcome any help; especially in encouraging new members to join or promoting us for donations. If you would like to help us in any way then please contact us​​ for a chat as any help is greatly appreciated!

​​H​on. ​​​​​Chairman

​Ray Bainborough of Metheringham

Hon. Vice C​​h​airman & Head of Sales

John Ball of Worksop

Hon. Ed​​ito​​r

Tom Allett of Stamford

Hon. Trea​​surer

Pete Chapman of Sheffield


Janet Bainborough of Metheringham

Sales Volunteer

Ken Bainborough


Bruce Woolfitt


Pam Bull


Susan Hewitt

Detailed below are the various people who are in paid employment by Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association.

Office Secretary

Stephen Elsworth​