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membershipcard.pngThe Lincolnshire’s Lancaster Association is a Registered Charity, supporting the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. It was formed from the Lincolnshire Lancaster Committee; a small group of people who came together when the Lancaster was moved from RAF Waddington to RAF Coltishall in 1973. The Committee’s original aims were to ensure that the Bomber would return to Lincolnshire and that the Lancaster would remain in the county as a memorial to the thousands of aircrew who lost their lives whilst based here during WWII.

By becoming a member of the association you will help provide assistance to the BBMF with projects that are beyond the scope of MOD funding.

Magazines.pngThe benefits of membership include: 

​Two high quality Memorial Flight journals per year​​​

​Exclusive annual Member’s Day at RAF Coningsby

​Extra Member’s Days at other historic locations

​​​Free of charge hangar tours at ​RAF Coningsby​​​*

If you would like to keep in touch with the Flight, and give them your support why not join us now. The annual subscription is only £12.00. Overseas membership £20.00 (Newsletters sent by airmail). By applying to become a member of Lincolnshire’s Lancaster Association Limited, you agree to abide by the associations code of conduct at the bottom of this page.

Membership is available online from this website by clicking on the Join Online​​ link. Payment can be taken directly through PayPal or if you don't have an account with them then you can still pay using your Debit or Credit Card using their system as a guest.

Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association Members (only) on the production of their membership card will be admitted free of charge on hangar tours. Friends, families etc who are attendin​​g with them are subject to the normal admission charges.​

Memorial Flight

Our Memorial Flight journal is posted out to members twice each year. We aim to send the Spring issue out around April to July, and the Autumn issue October to November. A message is posted in our News section when a journal has been dispatched, and an e-mail sent out to members who have opted in for this service.

To ensure all members recieve their allocated copies, our members mailing lists are produced and fixed at certain points each year. This allows for flexibility in dates of publication, whilst ensuring everyone receives their journals.


Using the above dates, if your subscription start date is in October, then you will receive the following Spring then Autumn journals. Futhermore if your suscription start date is in May, then you will receive the Autumn then Spring journals following that. Below is a table showing this in more detail:

Expiry Date​Journals to be sentExpiry Date​Journals to be sent
31 October 2015
Autumn 2015 (64)
30 June 2016
Autumn 2015 (64),
Spring 2016 (65)

30 November 2015
Autumn 2015 (64)
31 July 2016Autumn 2015 (64),
Spring 2016 (65)
31 December 2015
Autumn 2015 (64)
31 August 2016
Autumn 2015 (64),
Spring 2016 (65)
31 January 2016Autumn 2015 (64)
30 September 2016
Spring 2016 (65),
Autumn 2016 (66)
29 February 2016
Autumn 2015 (64)
31 October 2016
Spring 2016 (65)​,
Autumn 2016 (66)
31 March 2016
Autumn 2015 (64),
Spring 2016 (65)
30 November 2016
Spring 2016 (65)​,
Autumn 2016 (66)

30 April 2016

Autumn 2015 (64),
Spring 2016 (65)

31 December 2016
Spring 2016 (65)​,
Autumn 2016 (66)
​31 May 2016
Autumn 2015 (64),
Spring 2016 (65)

31 January 2017
Spring 2016 (65)​,
Autumn 2016 (66)

We accept the following methods of payment

PayPal Acceptance Mark

​​Alternatively if you wish to pay by Cheque or have us process your Debit or Credit Card direct then please print the downloadable form and post it to the address below.

Please do not e-mail the completed form if paying by Debit or Credit card as this is not a secure method of transmitting card details!

​​Membership Form

Gift Aid Form

Mem​bership Secretary

Lincolnshire'​s Lancaster Association

PO Box 4​​74


Uni​ted Kingdom

LN​5 8ZW​

​Membership S​​ecretary Reports


Winter 2014 Report​

On 1 February 2014 I commenced in my new role of Membership & ICT Secretary for the Association.

Within my 'day job' I work with customers on a daily basis. As such I intend to draw on my experiences and bring customer service and satisfaction to a new level for our members.

It has been a hectic period, as I have introduced a new e-mail system; refreshed our website; updated the computer systems; and installed a new membership database. The key basis for these changes is to improve the communications link between the membership and the elected committee. Much of the software has been donated by our suppliers, or charged at levels substantially below the market rate - I will continue to work hard in ensuring my function get the best value from future purchases and requisitions.

Our suppliers are currently working on integrating membership management within our website. This will enable those who have online access to be able to update their payment details, names and addresses directly. This will free me to focus my efforts on growing our membership and assisting those without an online presence. We will also introduce a new improved online shop that will have the widest range of items we have ever had on display in this manner!

I would also like to assure everyone the following - despite the association now embracing the online paradigm; we will continue to support and look after those members who have no internet access.

Standin​g Orders

Please can all members who pay by Standing Order check with their bank or building society to ensure that the annual Standing Order is set up to pay at least £12, as this is the current subscription rate and was changed in February 2012. Some members are still paying the old subscription rate, or indeed paying both the old and current rates. Any payments received in future that are less than the current rate will no longer attract a years subscription.

Membership can be continued upon payment of the difference. This can be paid through a variety of methods and membership will begin for the full year on the date the extra fee is recieved so you don't lose out on any benefits. I urge all members once again to check their future Standing Orders, because those who do not pay the correct rate cause a large amount of work, diverting precious time that is given voluntarily away from worthwhile issues.

I would like to ask any members who pay by standing order to disregard any future renewal reminders. If you do recieve a reminder please can you drop me an e-mail or letter with your membership number and a quick note to say that you pay by standing order so I can remove you off that particular mailing list.

​​Final Words

I have thorough enjoyed everything which that Association has thrown at me so far, and relish the future challenges that will come up. I look forward to being of service to you, but in the meantime I urge all members to take an active part and role in promoting the Association.

​​​Remember, those volunteers on the elected committee are members just like you, and as such need your help to make the Association thrive - so please encourage friends, family and colleagues to sign up and become members too.​


Spring 2014 Report​

As from the 1st February 2014 I have been appointed as the new Membership & ICT Secretary for Lincolnshire’s Lancaster Association.

I recognise that many members haven’t experienced the best of service recently; however now is a fresh start and I intend to bring customer service to the forefront of how membership will be approached and managed.

From now on the following will be done to help matters:

1. A new computer system commissioned to provide a reliable e-mail set up that is easier for volunteer staff to use -  ensuring enquiries are acted upon more quickly.

2. New website that will provide up to date news on the associations activities.​

3. U​K Subscriptions will be extended by up to 30 days to the end of each month, e.g. if your card expires on 15 April it will be extended to 30 April. Reducing the renewal days to once a month will help me provide a more reliable service. New cards will be sent out during the first month of validity, so by using the previous example the card will start and be sent out during early May.

Once the above has been done I will set about with the next stage of improving service to our members by introducing a brand new website in which members can log in to update details; make changes to your subscription and make online payments. To help save the association postage there will also be an option available for you to enable us to send certain communications (such as renewal reminders) to your e-mail in the future too.

We shall also have a brand new shopping area set up which will be easy to use and an ideal way for anyone to purchase gift ideas amongst many other things! Several telephone consultations have taken place with suppliers to provide the new website and membership management system and a final decision will be made shortly on whose to go with.

When the system goes live details on how members can log in will be sent out. I would like to take the time to reassure those members who wish to continue managing their membership using the current method will be able to continue to do so.

All in all what I envisage is for me to be able to provide you with an efficient, reliable and friendly service for all membership matters. This will involve bringing systems up to date and I promise that you will not see any detriment to service in the meantime - in fact it is my aim to improve customer service immediately!


I look forward to being of service to you in the near future!

With best wishes,

Ben Divers

Membershi​​​​p & ICT Sec​retary

Lincolnshir​e's Lanc​aster Association​


Notes to mem​bers

​Payment by Standing Order

Please can all members check with their bank or building society that the annual standing order is set up to pay at least £12, as this is the current subscription rate and was changed in February 2012. Some members are still paying the old subscription rate of £8. Any payments recieved in future which are less than the current rate will be processed as a donation instead.

Your membership can be continued if you have already paid less than the subscription rate by standing order by contacting me. The difference can be paid through a variety of methods.

I would like to ask any members who pay by standing order to disregard any membership renewal reminders. If you do recieve a reminder please can you drop us an e-mail with your membership number and a quick note to say that you pay by standing order so we can remove you off that particular mailing list.

Membe​​rship Cards

There is no longer any need to return your folded card membership cards as since 2009 we have been computerised and you are sent a new card each time you renew the membership.

Gift Ai​​d

If you are a UK tax payer we can claim Gift Aid from the government at a rate of 25p for every £1 which you give us either as a donation or subscription. This means that your £12 membership can become £15 to us!

If we have 5,000 me​mbers and 20% are able to gift aid then we will still receive back £3,000 which will go a long way to cover the large postage costs. Your little contribution of completing a form will add up to a tidy sum! If you have not already signed a new Gift Aid form will you please consider doing so?​​

A gift aid for is availablehere for you to download, sign and post back to us. We value your time in completing this important form for us!


​Association Code of Conduct

  1. No member shall commit any act which would bring disrepute to the Association in any way.

  2. No member should attempt to gain access to parts of airfields or premises without the express permission of the owner or administrator of such property.

  3. No member shall enter or interfere with any aircraft without the knowledge and permission of the owner.

  4. No member should purport to be acting on behalf of the Association without the express authority of the Committee or its delegated member responsible for any field of responsibility.

  5. No member should aquire or disseminate information which he k​nows is subject to military or industrial security restrictions.

  6. No member should commit any act in any country which would contravene the laws of that country or bring into jeapardy any members of the Association resident therein.

  7. No member should pass on any information about the administration of the Association which could be of commercial value to other bodies to the detriment of the Association.

  8. No member should use the facilities of the Association on behalf of non-members.​