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Please be aware that the Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association is actively managed and run by a small group of volunteers who mostly work full time in other careers; due to this contact by e-mail is preferred as you will get a quicker reply. However we would like to reassure you that every communication is important to us and you will get a reply as soon as possible.​​


Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association
Unit 4
Wavell Drive
United Kingdom​​


Please note that calls to our phone are to a voicemail system.

01​​​​522 521512


Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association is the trading name of the charity (Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association Limited) and the sales subsidiary (L.L.A. (Sales) LTD).

Charity Number 511418 registered in England and Wales (Link to Charity Commission site)

Company Number 01555021 registered in England (Link to Companies House)

Company Number for sales subsidiary 03060796 registered in England (Link to Companies House)

E-Mail Contacts

​​​Please note that all e-mails sent by us end with; if you recieve any e-mails purporting to be on behalf Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association from any other addresses (such as, etc.) then please regard them as not genuine.

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